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How We Define Wild Cat Conservation

When we define wild cat conservation, we don’t just define it for ourselves. Our goal is to define it for the industry and science community at large.

Our innovative wildlife conservation approach involves forward thinking research, technology, and education. We avoid invasive practices, such as collaring or tagging. Instead, we work alongside wildlife within their ecosystem. This way, we conduct world-class research and change the way we interact with wild cats.

We Pioneer World-Class Field Research In Wild Conservation

Our process starts from the foundation. We conduct responsible research into wild cats, their current movements, and their ecosystems. When conducting our forward-looking research, we practice the least invasive methods possible. We have installed hundreds of cameras to monitor local wild cats in hot spots. We also collect scat and hair to monitor and answer important questions about cats using DNA.

We avoid using invasive practices, such as collaring and tagging, but we have still been able to conduct ground-breaking research. For instance, in the Bay Area we’ve gathered millions of photos of local wildlife. We are actively tracking and monitoring several pumas. 

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By using these respectful methods, we’ve been able to gather data on their natural movements. This means we understand them without any human intervention! This kind of never-before-seen data has been revolutionary in our endeavors. We now understand better how to live peacefully alongside these incredible creatures.

Our goal is not wildlife management, but true wildlife conservation through living as holistically as possible within our local ecosystems. We cannot do this without conducting research on wild cats with as little human interaction as possible. Our innovative methods allow just that.

How We Use Technology To Change Wild Cat Conservation

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We’ve introduced technology into the field with remote-sensing wildlife cameras that allow us to monitor, track, study, and understand wild cats. 

Our innovative technology solutions aren't just in the field. We use technology to help drive people’s interest and investment in their local ecosystem, and supply us with data we never would have had before.

That is why we've introduced our Wilde trio: Wilde Backyard, Wilde Pod, and Wilde App!

Wilde Backyard is our community partnership program in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ll spend up to a year working with communities at the urban edge to collect data and engage residents. Our hands-on approach equips us to educate and use data to engage and raise awareness. We provide micro-analyses for communities and stay in touch after we complete the program. 

Wilde Pod is a cloud database for gathering photos of local wildlife, with an emphasis on wild cats. We encourage people to upload photos they gather in the wild as well as on private property. Using this resource, we are also able to collect scat, hair, and eDNA.

Wilde App will launch soon as a platform for community science and engagement! We are dedicated to keeping people involved in their local ecosystems. This is one way to do it! This app will engage, educate and empower citizens to responsibly collect information in their local area. Then we can work together to prescribe change! Co-existence is within our reach.

How We Involve Education In Wild Cat Conservation

We firmly believe that the youth are the future. They are tomorrow’s policy makers, advocates, and world leaders. So we love having youth get involved with us today! Our Wild Cat Aware school program teaches kids about their local ecosystems and how they can protect it. We also offer youth volunteer opportunities and internships.

We don’t just work with youth, though. We regularly conduct community outreach in hotspot zones. Plus, we offer virtual and in-person learning opportunities for those living near wild cats. 

This is an important part of our innovative approach to wild cat conservation. One of the foundations of wildlife protection is human cooperation. If humans don’t understand how to navigate wild cat encounters, it won’t matter how much information we collect. Nothing will change if we let fear grow.

So our innovative approach starts at the roots. We teach humans how to live alongside wild cats. This way, our policy decisions are not driven by fear. Instead, they're inspired by mindful considerations of our holistic ecosystems.

Do You Have 2-4 Hours A Month To Preserve Your Local Ecosystem?

Our volunteers are the driving force behind making true change in ecosystem health and wild cat conservation. Some like to volunteer in the field, others help us maintain our online presence, and some work with events. With just a few hours a month, you can make a difference, too.

See Volunteer Opportunities

Make A Difference Right Now

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, our work is only possible because of generous donors like you.

More than 90% of your donation will go directly to our groundbreaking research, outreach, and education programs.

This is where true change starts. If you’d like to be a part of it, make a donation to Felidae Conservation Fund today: