Project Contributors

Abhay Kashyap

Abhay Kashyap is a product-focused Data Scientist/Software Engineer currently working at Stitch Fix. He has a Masters & PhD in Computer Science and over a decade of combined research & industry experience in the area of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and is passionate about applying it to conservation. 

Abhimanyu Vasishth

Abhi has been in the Bay Area for 2 years, and currently works as a Software Engineer at MasterClass. His bachelor's degree in Computer Science is from NYU Abu Dhabi and his master's degree in Data Science was at Harvard. In his spare time, he enjoys sports, audiobooks, volunteering, and making or participating in trivia rounds.

Daksh Guar

Daksh is a 3rd-year undergraduate majoring in computer science. His interests and hobbies are not only limited to code and electronics but also expand to music, traveling, and watching Sci-fi movies. His primary research objective is in the area of computer vision. He enjoys working with Felidae Conservation Fund and having the opportunity to help facilitate the vision of fostering a more harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.