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Wild Cats
Around the World

Click a region in the map below to see what species of wild cats live there, or scroll down for a full list!

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. Western Europe
  4. Eastern Europe
  5. Northern Africa
  6. Western Africa
  7. Middle Africa
  8. Eastern Africa
  9. Southern Africa
  10. Western Asia
  11. Southern Asia
  12. Eastern Asia
  13. South-eastern Asia
  14. Oceania

What makes a felid?

One of the most fascinating aspects of cat biology is that, from the two-pound black footed cat to the five hundred pound tiger, cats of all variations have one common theme. When you have a cat in your house you live with the essence of a tiger.

Fé-li-dé - a cosmopolitan family comprising lithe bodied carnivorous mammals having often strikingly patterned fur.

Common felid traits

The classification of felids has been a long and bitter debate among taxonomists. The various classification schemes have been based on an array of morphological, behavioral, and genetic characteristics:

  • Lithe and agile soft-furred body

  • Acute vision and hearing, sense of smell

  • Claws and teeth adapted for tearing and grasping

  • Short faces, small broad skulls

  • Ears erect and rotate readily to pick up sound

  • Paws well padded -forefeet 5 toes, hind feet 4 toes

  • Digitigrades - walk on toes with back part of foot raised

  • Claws sharp and retractile except cheetah

  • Hunt in dim light - stalk - Lie in wait

  • All except lion - serially monogamous

Do You Have 2-4 Hours A Month To Preserve Your Local Ecosystem?

Our volunteers are the driving force behind making true change in ecosystem health and wild cat conservation. Some like to volunteer in the field, others help us maintain our online presence, and some work with events. With just a few hours a month, you can make a difference, too.

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