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Who We Are

The Felidae organization is a resourceful, passionate and dedicated team of conservationists who are working to safeguard global ecosystems, with felid species as natural world guardians.

Our staff and excellent group of volunteers bring varying skill sets and creativities to our efforts, and we get a lot done on very low overhead. We are always looking for new ways to leverage our complementary skill sets.

We have a growing number of projects that volunteers participate in, expanding our reach and helping us introduce the concept of a balanced natural world into every living room, computer screen and smart phone; making our ecosystems a priority to all.

Staff & Interns

Photo of Zara McDonald, MS MBA

Zara McDonald, MS MBA

President & Researcher, Director

Meet Zara

Photo of Alys Granados, PhD

Alys Granados, PhD

Lead Wildlife Ecologist

Meet Alys

Photo of Katie McPherson

Katie McPherson

Wildlife Biologist

Meet Katie

Photo of Cailan Ackerman

Cailan Ackerman

Wildlife Biologist Technician

Meet Cailan

Photo of Joanne Rikli

Joanne Rikli

Community Program Coordinator

Meet Joanne

Photo of David Stoner, PhD

David Stoner, PhD


Meet David

Photo of Anower Hossain

Anower Hossain


Meet Anower

Photo of Kyle Shaney

Kyle Shaney


Board of Directors

Photo of Michael Land

Michael Land


Meet Michael

Photo of Michelle Friend

Michelle Friend


Meet Michelle

Photo of Sharon Osberg

Sharon Osberg


Meet Sharon

Photo of Conor McGrath

Conor McGrath


Meet Conor

Photo of Jay Ruffin

Jay Ruffin


Meet Jay

Photo of Tom Tompkins

Tom Tompkins


Meet Tom

Photo of Jahan Alamzad

Jahan Alamzad


Meet Jahan

Photo of Kevin Clark, PhD

Kevin Clark, PhD


Meet Kevin

Photo of Imran Khan

Imran Khan


Meet Imran

Catherine Principe


Emeritus Directors

Photo of Susan Pritzker

Susan Pritzker


Meet Susan

Photo of Tom McMurray, PhD

Tom McMurray, PhD

Chairman & Director

Carl Goldfischer, MD

Chairman & Director

Photo of Roger Merrill

Roger Merrill


Meet Roger

Photo of Kia Walker

Kia Walker


Meet Kia

Tim Tosta


Photo of Shelley Alger

Shelley Alger


Meet Shelley

Photo of Suzanne Harle

Suzanne Harle


George Brewster


Photo of Michael Velzo

Michael Velzo


Meet Michael

Photo of Lisa Setterfield

Lisa Setterfield


Mario Klip


Tim Noel


Former Staff

Courtney Coon, PhD

Wildlife Biologist

Ginger Thomson

Community and Development

Catherine Gallo

Volunteer Manager and Office Manager

Brad Nichols

Wildlife Biologist


Thank you to the 500+ volunteers who have given us the generous gift of their time and expertise over the years!

Featured Volunteers

Meet our new intern-Martin!

Hello! My name is Martin Jacquet. I am working on my master’s in BIology in Belgium and am very excited to have recently joined Felidae as an...

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Spotlight on Sarah Czarnecki

This week we are featuring Sarah Czarnecki, who has been a great help writing articles for us.

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Spotlight on Sarah Thuman

This week we are featuring Sarah Thuman, an ArcGIS Volunteer! Sarah provides maps for our research and community programs using ArcGIS.

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Do You Have 2-4 Hours A Month To Preserve Your Local Ecosystem?

Our volunteers are the driving force behind making true change in ecosystem health and wild cat conservation. Some like to volunteer in the field, others help us maintain our online presence, and some work with events. With just a few hours a month, you can make a difference, too.

See Volunteer Opportunities

Make A Difference Right Now

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, our work is only possible because of generous donors like you.

More than 90% of your donation will go directly to our groundbreaking research, outreach, and education programs.

This is where true change starts. If you’d like to be a part of it, make a donation to Felidae Conservation Fund today: