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Cheryl Gray


July 7, 2017

I first heard about Cherie Schroff from a Kenyan-based American conservationist and safari guide. Over dinner one night in Karen, a southern suburb of Nairobi named after “Out of Africa” writer Karen Blixen, I asked him if there were any other Americans in Kenya working on conservation projects. “There is some woman who is tracking cheetahs in Tsavo,” he said, rather mysteriously, “but I have no idea how to reach her.” So that, of course, made me want to find who this woman was, tracking in Kenya’s largest wildlife park, so far away from home in what can sometimes be a very hot, hostile landscape. Read full report.

As habitat fragmentation increases, so does extinction risk: study

July 3, 2017

The research team — which arose from a long-term collaboration between Colorado State University and Sapienza University in Rome, Italy — used high-resolution habitat-suitability models to measure the degree of fragmentation facing 4,018 species from 26 mammalian orders. The scientists then analyzed the relationship between habitat fragmentation and extinction risk, as assessed by the IUCN Red List. Read full report.

Iowa's first female puma could be the latest sign of mountain lions on the move

July 4, 2017

Noteworthy news has been coming thick and fast on the puma recolonisation front in the American Midwest. Last Tuesday, officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources killed a puma (aka cougar or mountain lion) in west-central Iowa: the first female confirmed in the state in more than a century. The ill-fated cat was suspected in the killing of a domestic calf earlier in the month. Read full report.

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