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Watch Our 'Knowing Wild Cats' Webinar Series NOW!

June 2020

Watch the Complete Webinar Series Now on Youtube!

Felidae Conservation Fund has remained dedicated to upholding its priorities of community engagement, research, education, and proactive wildlife conservation despite the limitations that nationwide quarantines have placed on us all.

Now you can check out one of our latest complimentary offerings: a six-part webinar series that outlines our work, partners’ work, methodologies, and experience. You may have seen these webinars appear in our “Upcoming Events,” but if you were unable to make it to the live Zoom presentations, you can now catch up on all six videos at our Youtube page anytime.

Head to Felidae’s Youtube page to take a look at the webinar series. All six topics, originally recorded during our live Zoom sessions over the past two months, are available there. Each one features content from our passionate, world-changing team members.

Webinar 1 - hosted by wildlife biologist Courtney Coon, PhD, provides a brief introduction to Felidae as a whole, before offering a closer look at aspects of our puma research and initiatives across the Bay Area.
Webinar 2 - Tsavo Cheetah Project’s lead researcher Cherie Schroff discusses our work in Tsavo, Kenya.
Webinar 3 - David Stoner, PhD discusses land-use changes and habitat threats to pumas.
Webinar 4 - Dr. Cristian Bonacic discusses research on Chilean puma populations.
Webinar 5 - Felidae team members Ginger Thomson and Cat Gallo discuss our innovative community camera program, volunteers and citizen scientists, and how we relentlessly engage with communities.
Webinar 6 - Covers non-invasive research methods with lead wildlife biologist Courtney Coon, PhD and BAPP head researcher, Zara McDonald.

Counting India’s Elusive Fishing Cats

August 24, 2017

When Subrata Maity, a tutor in the Howrah district of West Bengal, India, was checking the camera traps he’d installed throughout his village, he discovered that one had gone missing. For the past 10 days, Maity had put his trap in the same spot, hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive fishing cats that prowl through the area. Read full report.

Vashon cougar killed after year on island

August 22, 2017

Last week, the cougar that had been living on Vashon-Maury islands for the past year was killed by a state wildlife officer. Since then, islanders have expressed a range of emotions — from relief to sadness to anger — with some also considering lessons for the future. Read full report.

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