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Bay Area Puma Project
The Bay Area Puma Project (BAPP) is the first large scale research, education and conservation program for pumas in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more about the Bay Area Puma Project.

Bay Area Bobcat Study
The Bay Area Bobcat Study will look at the effects of human development and habitat fragmentation on bobcat populations, and genetic and reproduction health. Bay Area Bobcat Study.
Argentina Puma Project
Recently identified threats are throwing into question the survival of a population of pumas that is both on the edge of extinction and at the edge of the species' distribution range in the southernmost part of South America. Argentina Puma Project.
Tsavo Cheetah Project
The cheetah is a globally threatened species and Kenya has been identified as one of its last remaining strongholds, making it an essential refuge for the future of the species. Tsavo Cheetah Project.
Snow Leopards in Mongolia
Felidae Conservation Fund and the Snow Leopard Trust launched the long-term ecological study in Mongolia that is gaining unprecedented insight into this endangered species. Panthera is a partner in this study. Snow Leopards in Mongolia.
Arabian Leopards in Oman
The Arabian Leopard has disappeared from many of its former ranges in Arabia but there is still a genetically viable population in Oman and Yemen. In Oman the leopard inhabits a maze of caverns and foliage of the Jebel Reserve and Jebel Al Qamar. Arabian Leopard Project.
Fishing Cats in Thailand
The Fishing Cat Project works to secure and restore healthy populations in areas throughout the fishing cat’s range in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Learn more about Fishing Cats in Thailand.
Small Felids in Argentina
The Soul of the Andes is a long-term strategy that combines scientific research with community participation for the conservation of the endangered Andean Mountain Cat in Argentina. Small cats in Argentina.
California Habitat Study
Habitat in California has become more fragmented for wide ranging apex predators such as the mountain lion, and this threatens gene flow due to loss of connectivity. The habitat study gathers data on remaining viable habitat. More on habitat suitability.
Other Projects
We support and are peripherally involved in some other projects on wild cats. We have supported the Asiatic Cheetah Project, the Pakistan Snow Leopard Project, the Southern California Mountain Lion Study, and the Bornean Wild Cat Project, among others. Other Projects.