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Puma Films to Aid Outreach & Education

March 2012 eNewsletter

Tree & Sky Media Arts is producing two films for Felidae Conservation Fund outreach and education efforts. The first film, a short music video, is nearly complete and we will be announcing it soon - This film is meant to go viral to help educate people on puma conservation issues, so please post it, tweet it, share it, comment on it and help spread the word.

Here is a message from the film's director, Rob Whitehair:

"I have been so fortunate in my life to have had nine encounters with wild Mountain Lions. Five of those happened in the coastal mountain of California, the other four in Montana where I now make my home. All of them were very brief but each one seemed so profound to me. There is something in those eyes that moves me to the very core.

So I was thrilled when Zara McDonald contacted me to make films to support the mountain lion conservation efforts of Felidae Conservation Fund. On a personal level, to be able to explore that moment when a mountain lion looks at you is a dream come true. But this story is about so much more than that.

California is at a crossroads with mountain lion conservation. As the human population expands, habitat shrinks and corridors for wildlife to traverse are shut off, the mountain lion’s world is shrinking and shrinking fast. With that shrinking habitat and lack of corridors, conflict is on the rise and more and more mountain lions are killed each year at the hands of humans. Most of those deaths are entirely preventable.

It is my hope that this series of films will help to educate the public that through awareness, education and simple lifestyle changes, we can learn to live side by side with this solitary, elusive and magnificent animal and in doing so, preserve one of Earth’s most magnificent gifts.

As Zara put it in an interview, “educating yourself that this animal lives among us and that its survival is linked to our very own survival is perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself.“

The second film will be completed in early 2013 and will be a longer piece that will be used in Felidae Conservation Fund educational presentations and outreach events.