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The Commonwealth Club
March 15, 2012. Mountain Lions and Humans: Can They Co-Exist? Lecture on this California native apex predator's difficult history with humans, its biology and ecology, and the realities of today's tolerance levels in relation to sharing wild places with lions and other predators. Listen to the podcast.
Pacifica Currents
May 20, 2012. Mountain Lions Pacifica Currents host Steve Johnson interviews guest Zara McDonald, Executive Director of Felidae Conservation Fund about mountain lion conservation (episode #229). Listen to the broadcast.
The Wilderness Center
March 4, 2010. Wild Ideas #49 Interview with Zara McDonald of Felidae on mountain lions, the challenges they face, as they navigate increasingly urban landscapes, and goals of the Bay Area Puma Project. Listen to the podcast.
NPR Day-to-Day Show
February 10, 2009. Scientists Tracking Mountain Lions Near Urban Areas David Gorn follows the Bay Area Puma Project in its second year of tracking urban mountain lions in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Listen to the podcast.
KQED 88.5 Interview With David Gorn
January 12, 2009. Tracking Urban Lions As the Bay Area has become more urban, many wild animals have disappeared -- but not mountain lions. Even though these large cats live surprisingly close to us, they're not as dangerous as many believe. Listen to the podcast.