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Film Projects

The "Ghost Cats" of the Santa Monica Mountains
Documentary by Michael Harris. Michael has been working with biologists from the National Park Service for two years, documenting the mountain lion study, which has been ongoing since 2002. He presents a compelling story about the last remaining lions in the Santa Monica Mountains and their struggle for survival. Read more.
Puma WIld
From Conflict to Co-existence. Tree and Sky Media Arts have produced the first of two short films for Felidae outreach efforts. The short music video is designed to go viral to pique interest on puma conservation issues - so please post it, tweet it, share it, comment on it and help spread the word. Read More and watch the music video.
Trail of the Puma
David Elkins and Aneeta Akhurst. Totem Pictures A one-hour film that will reveal new insights into the natural history of this iconic, top-level predator, it’s delicate relationship with man, and it’s future status in the United States. Watch one puma’s 1,500 mile journey from South Dakota to Connecticut and learn about America’s lion. Read more.