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E-Scrip - Earn for Felidae with Everyday Activities

We are excited to announce that Felidae Conservation Fund is now partnered with E-Scrip. By signing up, your everyday purchases at grocery stores, online shopping, and even going out to dinner can lead to direct donations to Felidae!

Get started today with these easy steps:

1. Sign Up and Add Cards - Our Group ID Number is 500044193
2. Check out the E-Scrip Merchants Page - See how to make a difference with everyday purchases!
3. E-Scrip Online Mall - Once you're signed up, you can shop on E-Scrip's Online Mall - a portion of your purchase will go directly to Felidae (up to 12%).
4. E-Scrip Dining - Earn up to 5% for Felidae just by dining out!

San Francisco Bay Area Residents - Below are downloadable forms for local market community cards. If you print, fill out, and bring them to the store next time you are shopping, you can give to Felidae each time you do your grocery shopping!

Fairfax Market Community Card
Mollie Stone's Community Card
Petaluma Market Community Card
Sonoma Market and Glen Ellen Village Market Community Card
Woodlands Market Community Card

See the Family of Merchants page on E-Scrip for a full listing of stores that participate.