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Species List
Learn about each of the world's 36 species of wild cat, from the rusty-spotted cat to the tiger. The domestic cat, felis catus, brings the number to 37 in the felidae family. It originated from African Wild Cats in the Middle East as early as 8000 bc. Learn about wild cat species.

Did You Know?
Ever have a question about wild cats? Take a look at some of the questions we receive, along with our answers, and other interesting facts about wild cats. Wild cat facts.
Living With Wildlife
If you live or recreate in mountain lion habitat, this page has important guidelines. Living in mountain lion habitat.
Livestock Safety
Conflicts between humans and large felids have been occurring since the domestication of livestock. Large cats around the world, and other predators, prey on livestock for a variety of reasons. This is preventable. Keeping your livestock and pets safe.
Deer Resistant Gardens
As wild lands decrease and deer populations increase, deer search for easy and safe meals. A hungry deer can cause extensive damage to flowers, plants and vegetable gardens. Make your yard deer resistant.
K-12 School Programs
Educational programs are critical for teaching local communities about pumas and local ecosystems. CAT Aware is a set of innovative environmental education programs for middle and high school students throughout the Bay Area. Education programs.
Community Outreach
We are dedicated to reaching out to communities through a variety of creative means. We put on lectures, participate in exhibit events, offer tracking and hiking series, and much more. Community outreach efforts.
Scientific Reports
If you're interested in the science behind wild cat conservation, this contains peer-reviewed articles. Wild cat science.