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Community Outreach

Sebastian Kennerknecht

Community Presentations: We give several 'Living with Mountain Lions' presentations per month throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and California to increase awareness on mountain lion ecology, ongoing research, and how we can co-exist with this important apex predator. To arrange a presentation for your group or community, email info@felidaefund.org. If you'd like to attend a presentation, visit our Upcoming Events page.

Community Tabling Events: We participate in over 40 public and private exhibiting events a year throughout the United States. If you're interested in volunteering at one of these events, email info@felidaefund.org. Visit our Upcoming Events page.

Citizen Science Remote Camera Work: As part of the Bay Area Puma Project, we are involving community members in helping us monitor our remote camera stations on the Peninsula, East Bay Area, Marin, and North Bay Area. Learn more here.

CAT Aware K-12 Education Program: We believe in the importance of helping to instill in young people an appreciation for the natural world and the importance of taking steps now to protect it for future generations. The Bay Area Puma Project includes a set of environmental education programs for elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools throughout the Bay Area called CAT Aware. Learn more here.

Livestock and Hobby Animal Conflict: Felidae Staff visit properties either experiencing issues with mountain lions and bobcats or taking early precautions to prevent human-wildlife conflict. We work with the property owners to evaluate their land to find the best set of solutions to best protect their domestic animals from mountain lions, coyotes, and bobcats. Learn more at our Livestock Safety page. If you are a property owner and would like us to visit your property, email info@felidaefund.org.

Puma Wild Game: When playing this game you take on the role of a puma trying to survive on an increasingly human-dominated landscape. The game experience takes you from the easiest level, where there is no human presence and no landscape fragmentation, to the most difficult, where human-related challenges include a high degree of habitat fragmentation, towns, freeways, hunters, and loss of prey. The beta version of this game will be released in 2017. Ask us for more information info@felidaefund.org

Private Events and Presentations: To set-up a private presentation or event, call us at 415.354.5655 or email us at info@felidaefund.org.

Puma License Plate: Sign up here for the Puma Plate. 100% of all proceeds from the Puma Plate will go directly to Puma Research and Education throughout California. We are collecting signatures at this time and once we reach our goal of 7500 we will notify you of the status and launch date for the plate Visit www.pumaplate.org to sign-up.