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The Felidae organization was formed in early 2006 to advance the conservation of wild felids throughout the world. Felidae unites a critical momentum of focus, ambition, intellect, skill, and global strategic action. In an exceptionally productive 10 years, we have raised the bar in felid conservation and have become an established influence in the protection of wild felids. Your contribution will help us grow and extend our reach for tangible conservation gains, and forge the critical relationships that will ensure long-term viability for the world’s wild cats and the healthy ecosystems they sustain.

Felidae’s multipronged approach combines forward-looking research, education and technology to discover new approaches to in situ felid preservation, and reach worldwide audiences through technology and social media. We partner and provide leadership for world-class research studies, supplying strategy, planning, funding, media, field support and assistance with logistics. With our innovative interactive education programs we share data and learning from these studies with the public in a way that’s engaging and inspiring.

Children play a vital role in the future of our natural world, and therefore we provide opportunities for kids to become involved at any age. We work with youth volunteers from the 5th grade through high school and we welcome college interns to our projects where they explore the world of research, education and conservation. Our interns become skilled in methods of field work as well as in fundraising, database management, speaking, public outreach, and education.

Felidae Conservation Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit conservation organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. Donors may earmark funds to be used in support of a particular species. In addition, all proceeds from any project-specific fundraising event go toward that project—none is used for our administrative costs. Felidae is staffed entirely by volunteers.