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About Us

Improving the state of global wild cat ecosystems through a sequence of research, education and online technologies to benefit humanity and drive meaningful change in the natural world. Learn more.

The Felidae organization was formed in early 2006 to advance the conservation of wild felids throughout the world. Felidae unites a critical momentum of focus, skill, and global strategic action. Learn more.

Who We Are
The Felidae organization is a resourceful, passionate and dedicated team of conservationists who are working to safeguard global ecosystems, with felid species as natural world guardians. Learn more.

Who We Work With
Our partners, collaborators and supporters include a wide range of organizations spanning conservation, government, academia, local communities and the arts. View our collaborator list.

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Get in touch with us and find directions to our office in Mill Valley, in Marin County just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Locate our address, phone number and email address Contact Us.